The RageBear is a raging bear with chainsaw arms. This might sound cool, but in modern life, chainsaw arms are more of a handicap than a gift. Unable to get a job on account of his chainsaw arms, and being banned from being a lumberjack on account of anger management issues, the RageBear spends most of his days reading comics, watching movies and posting about superheroes, anime and other geeky stuff.

How does a bear post things on the internet with chainsaw arms, you might ask? He doesn’t. We do the typing for him, so he can concentrate on what is important to him: raging, reading comics and watching cool movies.

Besides gathering cool geek stuff online, the RageBear also spends his days raising awareness for chainsaw arms, so others with this condition won’t feel alone and the medical world might one day take it serious.

Please share this page with anyone who is into cool stuff or who suffers from chainsaw arms. RageBear thanks you.


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