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This amazingly awesome Carnage T-shirt really catches the eye! It features one of the coolest Spiderman supervillains of all time in beautiful, awesome artwork that makes him jump right off the shirt! This rare, cool Marvel tee is bound to make everyone around you jealous, scared, or some sweet mix thereof!

This imported t-shirt is made out of 100% cotton, machine wash ready and an officially licensed Spider-Man product, with guaranteed great quality fabric and print. Available in small to XX-large sizes, suited to Marvel fans of all ages!

This item makes a great gift for every comic book geek, hardcore marvel fan, people who think your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is a bit too boring to wear on a shirt, or every connaisseur of cool graphic art!

Get your Marvel Spiderman Carnage t-shirt now and be sure to wear this in the dark and creep up on people!

Carnage T-Shirt – Spiderman – Mayhem and Murder(Geek Presents, Geek Wear)

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(6 reviews)4.6 / 5
Spiderman (Marvel) t-shirt design by Marvel. For sale via Amazon.

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