About This Dragon Ball Z Scouter

Track down your friends or enemies and measure their power level with a real Dragon Ball Z scouter! Find out if they’re OVER9000!!! or if they’re hiding their power, and get commands and suggestions about how to deal with them. This cool gadget is a must have collectors item for every hardcore Dragon Ball Z fan.

When you’re wearing one of these babies on your face, nothing else matters. You could be walking around naked, scanning people’s power level all day, and they’ll be too distracted by your super awesome power level scouter to even care! Boss giving you a hard time at the office? Screw that. Get out your power level scouter, find out if you could take him and rule the empire in his place! In a fight with the girlfriend/mom/mother-in-law? Get strategic advice on the spot! There is honestly no situation that can’t be improved by this scouter, really.

This uncannily accurate looking Dragon Ball Z scouter replica is also great for everyone who’s into anime cosplay. It looks extremely close to the scouter Vegeta and Frieza wear in the animated series and is made to fit all head sizes, so even though the guy in the picture is bald, you won’t have any trouble fitting your awesome Saiyan hair under there! Another cool thing about this scouter is that, even though it’s meant to be a toy, it doesn’t necessarily look like it’s only suited for kids. Any cosplayer or Dragon Ball Z enthusiast from all ages can wear this and look like their favorite Z Fighter or Frieza army villain. It also goes without saying, when you get one of these, you kinda HAVE to wear it in every single picture you appear in from there on out! There is NO reason to ever NOT wear one of these in your Facebook or LinkedIn profile picture, is what I’m saying. I mean. Who wouldn’t hire someone who submits a resume with a picture of them wearing a Dragon Ball Z scouter? I would. I would hire the crap out of them.

These Dragon Ball Z scouter replicas come with two voices: Frieza and Vegeta. The gadget lights up when you press the switch on the side, and it will speak out the power level of the person you’re looking at, complete with a strategy to take ’em down. Note that this happens in Japanese, but English versions are available here.

This item is suited for kids of all ages (yes, also children at heart) and is great for re-enacting Saiyan invasions right from the Dragon Ball Z TV series, or as a cool gift for that geeky friend who watches anime all the time.

Get your Dragon Ball Z scouter now, and make sure to tell people that their power levels are pathetic while you take over their planet and look completely badass!

Dragon Ball Z Scouter Toy(Superhero Gifts, Superhero Stuff)

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Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z) scouter toy design by Bandai. For sale via Amazon.
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