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This cool Marvel Wolverine T-shirt features a vintage-style illustration of everyone’s favorite X-Men anti-hero mutant! Switch away from the old, bland black-with-a-print style and go for a lighter, chocolate brown superhero t-shirt for once! The old timey coloring gives the shirt a kind of 70’s, 80’s retro/vintage look, which is totally awesome. This Wolverine tee has attitude. It has adamantium fangs. It has Logan. It has the Wolverine!

This tee is 100% cotton, made in the USA and/or imported and machine washable.

Get your Vintage Style Wolverine T-Shirt here and be sure to check out other Marvel stuff!

Wolverine T-Shirt – Pick Three(Cheap Geek T-Shirts, Superhero Gear)

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X-Men (Marvel) t-shirt for sale via Amazon.

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