The Top 10 Action Figures Of All Time

The Top 10 Action Figures Of All Time The Top 10 Action Figures Of All Time

#5 – Ashigaru Samurai Stormtrooper Action Figure

Forget the old boring ! Bandai’s Tamashii Nations Movie Realization series turned them into awesome looking ashigaru, the feudal era Japanese foot soldiers of Samurai ! Dressed in samurai style armor, these figures are equipped with a mix of steampunk laser guns and ancient weaponry to lay waste to any would-be that challenge the Empire! Or at least hilariously fail trying!

These action figures look totally awesome, even more so than the Darth Vader versions, in our opinion, because the white armor really brings out the gold colored details and textures in the armor, where the Vader figures kinda lack this.

Why It Belongs In The Top 10 Action Figures

These have LOTS of points of articulation, and the armor serves as great camouflage for hiding the knee and elbow joints, so they look pretty natural in whatever pose you put them in. The figures come with 6 different hands, a cool katana and a blaster rifle, all of which will probably be used to hilariously miss every target.

In addition to the fact that they’re one of a kind, the detail on these action figures is totally amazing, making them easily the coolest out there!

#4 – DC Collectibles Bane Action Figure

Next up is the Batman: Arkham Asylum version of action figure by DC Collectibles! Honestly, the Arkham Asylum version of is way cooler than anything the movies threw at us (except for maybe Heath Ledger‘s , for all you fangirls out there). Just look at it. This is what should have been all about – a huge ball of muscles charging at anyone in his way.

DC Collectibles released this figure as part of an Arkham Asylum adaptations 2-pack, together with a much smaller Batman figure. measures about 8 inches, while the figure is about almost two inches shorter.

Why It Belongs In The Top 10 Action Figures

Even though it’s a package deal and the figure is a few leagues above the Batman figure in awesomeness, it’s definitely worth getting. The details in the figure are insane, from his Patient X shredded inmate outfit, to the armor and hoses attached to his supply of Venom, to the veins on his muscles and his facial expression. This action figure comes pretty close to the video game and is definitely a must have collectible for fans of the games or the comics they’re based on!

Get it now!


#3 – Play Arts Kai Predator Action Figure

Science-fiction horror movie fans will love this one! This Tamashii Nations Play Arts Kai action figure from Bandai is an awesome replica of everyone’s favorite alien hunters from the 80s movie franchise! Whether they were hunting the from the Alien movies or Arnold Schwarzenegger, everyone can agree that these guys were pretty badass.

In their own movie franchise, the creatures evolved into outer space’s most dominant species, merging an ancient predatory (hah!) hunting culture with superior, advanced technology. Besides long walks on the beach, the creatures enjoy hunting other species for sport, all across the universe. This particular action figure version is about to play dodgeball with a human skull.

Why It Belongs In The Top 10 Action Figures

This comes with plenty of cool accessories, like a replaceable mouth that lets you do that weird roaring thing with the fangs and everything. As mentioned above, the Play Arts people randomly included a human skull for good measure, because why not, right? Beyond that, this figure comes with a cool helmet piece that lets you cover its head like in the movies, and two pairs of interchangeable hands.

The details and textures on this figure are pretty insane. It has kind of a glossy look that makes it look kinda slimy/wet, as if it’s a real life creature, and insane amounts of detail went into the armor pieces and hi-tech gadgets this action figure wears. This is one collectible all sci-fi fans should add to their collection!

#2 – Play Arts Kai Thor Action Figure

Back to the Marvel Universe for this one! Our number two is this awesome Play Arts Kai action figure from Square Enix. Thor was always pretty cool as an , but these Marvel Variant figures push the awesomeness a little further with their subtle, but totally badass redesigns of classic Marvel superheroes.

Fans of the Odinson have nothing to worry about – your favorite Asgardian is still himself – Square Enix just added to the awesomeness that is the by including lots of artfully painted and finely sculpted details, all of which truly makes this an worthy of the mighty Thunderer!

Why It Belongs In The Top 10 Action Figures

At about 10 inches tall, this action figure looks pretty impressive. The ornaments on the armor are extremely detailed, beautifully painted and, like lots of Play Arts figures, make look like a video game figure that escaped from Final Fantasy or something. Included with this figure are a display stand, 6 interchangeable hands and an alternate “ass kicking mode” facial expression. Of course, Thor wouldn’t be Thor without Mjolnir! Square Enix exaggerated ‘s hammer in size, and it only adds to the badassery. Adding to the awesomeness are cool lightning and movement effect accessories you can use to make the action figure really stand out when you pose it.

#1 – Timeless Steampunk Batman Action Figure

Yes! ANOTHER Square Enix action figure! This DC Comics Variant Batman figure out of the Play Arts Kai series would easily top every action figures list. Just look at it. It answers all possible criteria needed to make a figure extremely awesome. Steampunk? Check. Spikey outfit? Check. Leather? Check. Lots of metal ornaments and whatnot? Check. Badassery? Check. ? Check!

The Timeless Batman series, which also had the Wild West mentioned before, does an awesome job reimagining the Dark Knight in different time periods. And for this Steampunk Batman figure, they sure picked the right era. They asked themselves “What cool stuff would come up with in turn of the century America?” and this steampunk Batsuit was the answer!

Why It Belongs In The Top 10 Action Figures

The designer of this series of action figures, Hitoshi Kondo, came up with some of the coolest steampunk gadgets and tech you will ever lay eyes upon, and they’re all stuffed into this one Batsuit. If this looks like something a crime fighting Leonardo da Vinci would come up with, that’s because this action figure was heavily influenced by his designs – especially the cape, which is basically a carbon copy of one of da Vinci’s flying machines.

The action figure is just over 10 inches tall and comes with several interchangeable hands, a sort of steampunk crossbow kind of contraption (Batbow?), and a display stand. Because there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to display this figure all the goddamn time! We don’t know about you, but we’d love to see this take on the Arkham Asylum ! Make it happen, DC!

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