The Top 10 Best Movies To Watch High

The Top 10 Best Movies To Watch High "Freddy Got Fingered" on Amazon

So you’re stoned and looking for some movies to throw your time at. Maybe you’ve been cheesing on kitty-cat pee. Maybe you’ve been doing some serious toad. Maybe you read our Top 5 Best Movies To Watch High article and wanted more movies. Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking for some good movies to watch high, we got ya covered – here’s our top 10 of the best movies to watch high!

#10 – Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (1985)

In Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, the first full-length movie directed by Tim Burton, Paul Reubens plays Pee-wee Herman, a strange, eccentric man-child, not unlike a Mr. Bean on some serious crack. The movie’s plot starts off when Pee-wee’s prize possession (and possibly intimate lover), a heavily tricked-out bicycle, gets stolen.

He suspects that Francis, his neighbor, stole it, but Francis disposed of the evidence and shipped the bike away. After a hack psychic tells him his bike is “in the basement” of the Alamo, he basically tells his somewhat hot friend Dottie “screw you, I’m goin’ to Texas” and decides to hitch-hike there. On the bizarre, trippy quest for his bike, he runs into all kinds of weirdos.

Pee-Wee - Top 10 Best Movies To Watch

Meet Large Marge.

WARNING: This movie features childish, immature slapstick antics, so make sure to watch it!

Why It’s A Good Movie To Watch High

The movie is basically set in some kind of children’s TV show universe (probably because Pee-wee had one of those). Things tend to happen there that wouldn’t happen in the real world, is what I’m saying. Danny Elfman‘s soundtrack and the goofy 80s effects only add to the otherworldly vibe. Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure is okay for kids, but we’re pretty sure it was really meant for adults to watch high.

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#9 – Heavy Metal (1981)

Heavy Metal is an 80s science fiction / fantasy movie, one of the first of its kind when it was released. The movie is an animated compilation of different stories from Heavy Metal, a comics magazine pretty much dedicated to anything that makes a good excuse to draw boobies and cool stuff. Heavy Metal gained a cult following and would inspire many parodies, even inspiring South Park‘s Major Boobage episode.

The many different stories in the movie are connected by one thing, the Loc-Nar. Worshiped by some as a god, a cool collectible or a precious jewel, the green ball of concentrated evil impacts everyone who comes into contact with it – it causes wars and transforms people into violent mutants, but the primary victims of pure evil seem to consistently be women’s clothing and good manners.

WARNING: Passive-aggressive people with no sense of humor thought it was “sexist and juvenile“, so make sure to watch it!

Taarna - Top 10 Best Movies To Watch

Boobies and violence. Best. Plot. Ever.

Why It’s A Good Movie To Watch High

Heavy Metal‘s 80s animation may be old, but it still looks awesome today. This movie throws everything at you, from flying dinosaurs to mutants to aliens to robots to boobies. So much boobies. The movie also pretty much has a soundtrack fit for an early 80s stoner‘s acid trip, with the likes of Black Sabbath and Sammy Hagar accompanying all the boobage and explosions. In fact, everything about Heavy Metal makes it a great movie to watch high.

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#8 – Freddy Got Fingered (2001)

There’s no way you can make a “best movies to watch high” list without having Tom Green on it somewhere. Those who are familiar with what he does know the comedian/writer/actor/producer as some kind of real life cartoon character that gets caught up in all sorts of wacky shenanigans. Or as a prolific white Canadian rapper who busts some seriously catchy rhymes. Anyway, Freddy Got Fingered is basically Tom Green doing what Tom Green does best – weird stuff.

Freddy Got Fingered Sausages - Top 10 Best Movies To Watch

Just another day on the job for Tom Green.

The movie starts off when unemployed slacker Gord Brody moves out of his parents’ house to chase his dream of becoming a big time Hollywood cartoonist. Sadly, nobody seems to think his cartoon ideas make any sense, so he moves back in with his parents. Tensions arise between Gord and his father, leading them to go to family therapy, where Gord makes up a story about his father “fingering” his younger brother Freddy. Freddy is sent to a home for molested children, the family falls apart, and hilarity ensues

WARNING: This movie won the Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Screenplay, Worst Actor, Worst Director, Worst Screen Couple and Worst Picture, so you kinda have to watch it!

Why It’s A Good Movie To Watch High

Did you not see that picture of him playing the sausage piano there? I mean. Come on. That scene alone makes it one of the best movies to watch high. Incidentally, you can watch it for 10 hours straight on Youtube. Because of course you can.

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#7 – Kevin And Perry Go Large (2000)

Kevin (Harry Enfield) and Perry (Kathy Burke) are two desperate teenagers with only one thing on their mind: losing their virginity. Okay, maybe two things: they come to the conclusion that, in order to get laid, they have to become top DJs. They get awarded a pile of cash after accidentally stopping a bank robbery and they decide to travel to Ibiza, where women will sleep with anyone and they can finally make it big as internationally recognized DJs.

Sadly for them, Kevin’s parents insist on joining them on their trip, which results in a bunch of embarrassing, but sexy shenanigans. In Ibiza, Kevin and Perry fall for Gemma and Candice, basically female versions of them. In order to win the hearts of the two wenches, they set off on a quest to convince superstar DJ Eyeball Paul of their musical talents in hopes that he will turn them into superstar DJs like him, and are forced into a bunch of humiliating, hilarious missions…

WARNING: This movie features a middle-aged man and woman playing teenage boys. It’s fantastic. Watch it now.

Why It’s A Good Movie To Watch High

Kevin, one of Harry Enfield‘s popular TV show characters, is the walking stereotype of a stupid, stupid teenager, who might also be stoned 200% of the time.

Kevin and Perry Go Large - 10 Best Movies To Watch

… Or just REALLY focused.

The soundtrack to this movie is the exact opposite of Heavy Metal, earlier on this list. It’s mostly upbeat music from 2000s dance charts and fits perfectly with the whole DJ-ish vibe. Whether that’s your thing or not, the absurd humor and wacky characters in this movie more than earn it a mention as one of the best movies to watch high.

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#6 – 200 Motels (1971)

Any stoner not familiar with Frank Zappa should be. Many know him as an enigmatic figure whose body of work is commonly regarded as a mixture of incomprehensible musical genius and juvenile random nonsense infused with dick jokes and silly noises. Many musicologists’ heads exploded, trying to categorize his music into any one genre, and to this day, it continues to baffle and amaze them.

200 Motels, directed by Zappa himself, follows him and his band, The Mothers of Invention, on the road. It has no distinguishable storyline and randomly iterates between strange cutscenes consisting mostly of nonsense, and equally strange concert footage. The little bit of story that IS present in the movie centers mostly around having sex on the road, and the bassist leaving the band because the music was too wacky for his tastes.

200 Motels - 10 Best Movies To Watch

Only to be trapped for eternity in 70s VFX hell.

WARNING: This movie can seriously cause epileptic seizures. For real. This is no joke. Get it here if you want to see your friends crawl around on the floor for about 98 minutes, begging for a god to help them.

Why It’s A Good Movie To Watch High

Besides the fact that Frank Zappa’s music is specifically designed and composed to make people’s faces melt, 200 Motels was made in the 70s. You know what was relatively new in the 70s? Basically all special effects. And boy, do they play around with them. Every single scene is a direct assault on all your senses, perhaps even some you didn’t realize you had before.

The movie has been called a “surrealistic documentary”. More like a pot-umentary, if you ask us. This movie is definitely one of the best movies to watch high.

Get the movie on Amazon


The Top 5 Best Movies To Watch High

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